Press Releases

Memorial group seeks names of dead
Press Release August 29, 2007 (pdf, 78kb)

SIEVX Memorial for Canberra lakeshore
Press Release July 2007 (pdf, 51kb)

Brisbane schoolboy designs concept for Canberra memorial
Press Release Oct 9, 2006 (pdf, 60kb)

SIEVX event to go ahead, but only for a day
Press Release Oct 6, 2006 (pdf, 9kb)

Media Coverage

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Commemorating the SIEV X - Arena, 2008 (pdf, 1mb, from

MackKillop College - Bathurst local newspaper article Sept 14, 2006 (jpg, 161kb)

Memorial to 353 lives lost at sea part 1 - The Advocate newspaper article Sept 22, 2006 (jpg, 85kb)

Poles apart but remembered part 2 - The Advocate newspaper article Sept 22, 2006 (jpg, 59kb)

A powerful memorial at the lake - The Chronical News newspaper article Oct 10, 2006 (jpg, 64kb)

Touching tribute to lost refugees - The Torch newspaper article Oct 11, 2006 (jpg, 55kb)

Symbolic token for lives lost - Panorama The Arts newspaper article Oct 14, 2006 (jpg, 182kb)

Lakeside Tribute SMH newspaper article Oct 14-15, 2006 (jpg, 79kb)

Trauma of family's lost recalled - Canberra Sunday Times newspaper article Oct 15, 2006 (jpg, 81kb)

Five years after SIEV-X tragedy - Canberra Times newspaper article Oct 16, 2006 (jpg, 154kb)

No new conspiracy - The Australian newspaper article Oct 16, 2006 (jpg, 65kb)

Fleeting memorial of tragedy - SMH newspaper article Oct 16, 2006 (jpg, 144kb)

Recalling a dream of a free life that became a tragedy - The Age newspaper article Oct 16, 2006 (jpg, 134kb)

Sad facts of the SIEVX sinking - Weekend Australian newspaper article Oct 21-22, 2006 (jpg, 198kb)

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