An important statement from the people building the sievx memorial

Ever since the news first broke about the SIEVX tragedy, questions have been raised about the role of the Australian government in the sinking.

These have included allegations that our government knew about the voyage beforehand, that it failed to mount a rescue which could have saved many lives, and gravest of all, that Australia paid agents to disrupt and sabotage people-smuggling vessels, and this might have caused the tragedy. Some of these implications were lent authority by Labor Senator John Faulkner following the Certain Maritime Incident enquiry in 2002 and detailed in three speeches to the Senate.

The people building the SIEVX Memorial do not make any allegations of Australian culpability in the deaths of 353 people on the SIEVX. We are ordinary citizens and do not have any special knowledge of the events of October 2001. Nonetheless we feel that a tragedy on this scale and with so many unanswered questions merits an independent judicial enquiry, or a Royal Commission, to establish just what was the truth about the voyage and its outcome.

*the text of these speeches is available on the SievX research website

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